ABOUT ME - Phil Thorne

Phil has been playing country blues fingerpicking and slide guitar for many years, learning from masters such as Louisiana Red, John Jackson, John Cephas and others and has polished his style performing around venues in Yorkshire, Lancashire, London and Kent. 


He plays in the style of the Pre-War masters and features songs by Tampa Red, Kokomo Arnold, Fred McDowell, Tommy Johnson, Willie McTell, Blind Boy Fuller and many others.


He presents the music in the original spirit  and on several occasions we’ve had comments like “Just like the old records”, “Authentic sounding”, “The real sound”

Phil has issued two CD's "Step It Up and Go" and "You Don't Know My Mind". The latter is available from iTunes, Apple Music or CDBaby to buy or download.

His latest recording "Somebody's Been Using That Thing" is due for release in early 2019 and will include piano duets with bluesmeister Christian Rannenberg and the late Pete Nash as well a number of solo blues.

Phil is happy to share his extensive knowledge of slide and fingerpicking blues guitar. Please call to discuss lessons.

You can see Phil's videos at www.youtube\philsblueshome